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Most of these are longer quotes, but I took the time to type them up so I thought I might as well share them. :)

Jack: *pulls out resurrection glove*
Owen: "You know, we never gave it a cool name."
Tosh: "I though we called it the Resurrectional Gauntlet."
Owen: "Cool name."
Ianto: "What about... the Risen Mitten. ... I think it's catchy."

Jack: *pulls out knife*
Owen: "Ianto?"
Ianto: *deep breath* "Life Knife."

Jack: *stuns man* "Hah! That one's for Ianto. Risen Mitten, Life Knife, and that ooold classic. Stun gun."

Jack: "I had a boyfriend who used to walk into rooms like that. 'The Grand Entrance.' It got kinda boring. Though he was one of twins, so I put up with it. Twin acrobats. Man. I gotta write that book. Maybe even illustrate it."

Gwen: "When you're dead... I mean, when you die, what happens?"
Suzie: "What do you want me to say?"
Gwen: "The truth."
Suzie: "Really?"
Gwen: "Tell me."
Suzie: "You religious?"
Gwen: "Just sort of in passing."
Suzie: "Do you believe in Heaven?"
Gwen: "I dunno."
Suzie: "Yes you do. What do you believe?"
Gwen: "It's stupid, but... I always sort of think... like, you know, white light and all that. And I think of my gran. Like she'll be there, waiting for me. The smell of carbolic..."
Suzie: "Your faith never left primary school."
Gwen: "So what's up there?"
Suzie: "Nothing. Just nothing."
Gwen: "... But if there's nothing... what's the point of it all?"
Suzie: "This is. Driving through the dark. All this stupid, tiny stuff. We're just animals, howling in the night. Cuz it's better than silence. I used to think about Torchwood--all those aliens coming to Earth. What the hell for? But it's just instinct. They come here because there's life, that's all. Moths around a flame, creatures clinging together in the cold..."
Gwen: "So when you die, it's-it's just--"
Suzie: "Darkness."
Gwen: "And you're all alone--there's no one else?"
Suzie: "I didn't say that."
Gwen: "What do you mean?"
Suzie: "Why do you think I was so desperate to come back? There's something out there, in the dark. And it's moving."

Ianto: "If you're interested, I've still got a stopwatch."
Jack: "... So?"
Ianto: "Well. Think about it. Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch."
Jack: "Oh, yeah. Heh. I could think of a few."
Ianto: "There's quite a list."
Jack: "I'll send the others home early. See you in my office in" *looks at watch* "ten."
Ianto: "That's ten minutes" *sets stopwatch* "and counting."


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Dec. 14th, 2006 01:01 am (UTC)
Thanks :D

I only do short ones cos I can't remember longer ones lol ^_^
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