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Season 1 episodes 1/3 and 4

This is what I have so far. Not that much but I'm working on it! Already saw all eps of season 1 and 2 and now I'm going to rewatch for quotes! :D

season 1 episode 1 (Everything Change)


Andy: I walked, I bloody walked!

Andy: CSI Cardiff, I'd like to see that!


Gwen: Oh, you met him?

Gwen: You catch aliens? You are an alien catcher?


Jack: That is so welsh! I show you something fantastic, you find fault!


season 1 episode 3 (Ghost Machine)


Owen: Found him! … He's in the phone book!

Owen: I'm not gonna worry you. I'm gonna bloody kill you!


Jack: Alien of course. … Looks like Toys R Us!


Ianto: I believe a state agent pronounce it sploe!


Bernie: Are you going to arrest me?

Jack: No we are not the police

Bernie But I robbed that!

Jack: I know

Bernie: And you gonna rob it back of me!

Jack: So call the cops!


season 1 episode 4 (Cyberwoman)


Jack: Ianto I need to hear those beautiful welsh vowels!

If anything is wrong, please tell me! Thank you! :)

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